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They accomplished the only two things they set out to do: Duke could draw votes from Bush in the South and, in a close race, in the Midwest. Bush should have helped Duke win the Louisiana governor's race in exchange for Duke's taking a pass on H I thought for a moment that I was watching an articulate Instaurationist venting frustration in the Safety Valve.

Unless someone like Perot stands up for the American people, we are doomed to go all the way down to the bottom. See following letter for a different opinion of H.

They knew damn well that he would be in the runoff. My father is in the petroleum business and was attending the Oil Show in Lafayette last October at the time of the primary.

At that early date this petrocrat was already saying that the Neconomy card" would be played in the final two weeks of the runoff. Nomads are cosmopolitans without allegiance to any collec.

They seek only to advance their own private"good. Nomads are continually making a nice calculation: Nomads consider the temper of the natives, how well they are camouflaged as natives, and whether opportunities for grazing are better elsewhere.

The Semitic proportion among the nomads in Russia is now only a bit lower. The certainty that conservative Clarence Thomas was telling the truth when he denied uttering obscenities to Anita Hill is appalling.

We'd better write this crowd off for good. I was inclined for a while to support Thomas-after all, the alleged dirty talk took place in a typical government cafete.

It is typical Negro behavior and Ne. So now I tend, but only tend, to side with Anita. I suppose what happened is Clarence vented some vulgar stuff to Anita, though probably not the exact words she recollected.

We don't know who paid for the test and whether, if she had flunked it, the results would have been made public. I recall that Jack Ruby passed a lie detector test when he denied that he shot Oswald.

Those over 50, which I am not, may be racists out of "tradition. Merely thinking a certain way on a certain issue in Bush of Arabia's mind is not a matter of philosophical or political differ.

No, such a thought. After Bush's ringing endorsements of Louisiana Democrats Johnston and Edwards, plus his signing of the Civil Rights Act, one wonders why he didn't simply save himself a lot of trouble and endorse Dukakis in and not bother to go through the motions of running for president.

Canadian subscriber o The destiny of humanity should have been to reach the stars. I plan to go through Der Sturmer at the University of Texas library and copy the cartoons which most resemble the anti-Duke ones.

Then I'm going to put the American cartoons side by side with the German ones. I think the "pictures will be worth a thousand words" in showing who really has a monopoly on hate.

This way we can police ourselves. I know we've had plenty of these in the past, white divisiveness and individualism being the scourges they are in our race, but we have to begin somewhere.

What an "Ides of November" surprise. They can blame themselves. If the males were fed better, they would be more virile.

NTake the guts out of a man's food and you take the guts out of the man. Anyone who believes what Bush and his staff of paid liars say about the economy is mentally ill.

From hoi polloi to Bush all you heard was somber, sad nonsense about "the tragedy. Overnight the current crop of white bed part.

Any young white female with a shred of racial consciousness should now have no trouble understanding that sex with Negroes is chancy.

Is there a paper in the country that didn't carry an edito. But in all history only one group has been so universally disliked that the disaffection has been given a generic name: Like a parade where all are out of step but one, it makes you wonder why.

One was on "former Ku Klux Klansman and Nazi. At one point the the U. Yet George and ther. But then, I don't remember anything be.

Barbara had no trouble calling to congratulate ing said about Representative Mickey Leland him on his victory. Canadian subscriber o South Africa has some things terribly wrong with it-too many dgarette smokers and a phone system more worthy of Zaire.

But it will be a sad day for the wildlife, the children, women and aged, the environment as a whole, and for the intelligence and organization which have gone into the making of South Africa, if the blacks are allowed to further interrupt and obstruct the evolutionary processes of the one civilized nation on this continent.

Not long ago I read that U. I am not the only one who wonders whether the fate of Israel is 5, times more important to the U.

I can recall when the justification for this was that Israel would defend U. Yet surely we may all agree, a world without angels would be worse than a world without spring.

The original KKK did not utilize cross. They were first seen in D. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation. Also, few know that among the small group of former Confederate officers who formed the original KKK was a Jew, who was the group's treasurer.

II I am honored to know you. Here are clues contained in a crossword by Eugene Shef. It's just a matter of time before crosswords are loaded with such clues as IIMideast terrorists" and IIGod's Chosen"--clues you better answer right!

Though time and staff limitations make it impossible to acknowledge every contribution, each is important to Instauration's survival and well-being.

So again, many thanks! Since the lower case is increasingly used in reference to other racial groupings-black, slav, white, mongol and oriental-why not jew?

After all, the term does not properly de. Money wins elections these days. If Duke can survive federal trickery and venomous TV and news media spittle, we will be on our way to beneficial change.

Should a few states in the South join forces with Duke, they might well emulate the breakup taking place in the Soviet Union. It is galling to find posi.

The native inhabitants for the most part have become servants in the strangers' homes or workers in their factories.

The restrictive laws in Czarist Russia and Poland against Jews were not based on mere prejudice. I recall reading a book printed before WWI where an American had pointed out to a Russian official the lIunfairness" of subjecting the Jews to legal restrictions.

The Russian official's answer was that the American simply did not know the Jewish character and that without these restric.

Since this had not yet happened by , these warnings were treated with ridi. It used to be that VD was something shameful.

Now, trumpet it to the world-just before the news would have come out anyway. Presto, you're a hero! Before his corpse was hardly cold, he was buried in Israel with unusual state honors.

As with Duke, the Gramm strategy to defeat neous, according to the following list in a book about Svetlana: Kansan on Grand Tour hit them where it hurts.

Fewer troops mean fewer Negro soldiers and sailors. It also means fewer black civilians needed to staff all the civil o As a general principle I have less than no interest in Tom Clancy and his works.

But since service positions that spring up around military bases, home ports and air stations. Clancy's latest tome, The Sum of All Parts, allays this wonderment.

Apparently it has a plot centered in ""the Middle o The statement in Instauration Ouly , East" and on the book's cover is a picture of an p.

Out of malignant curiosity, I asked an acquaintance who had read the book about the story line, which has to do with a group of ""terrorists.

He had to be the all-time scoring champ too. Obviously, he makes a great AI DS poster boy. I suspect, as Negroes go and, boy, don't we wish they would go!

But the way the media are lionizing him, you would have thought he had found the cure for AIDS. The reality is that he just rolled dem bones too many times, and the odds caught up with him.

One girl caught my attention. Something was different about her-her eyes! The latest Toyota coupe is obviously aimed at a certain upscale, upmarket population group.

The Japs did not make clear if the hot new import comes with a six, a sixty-six or a Six Million cylinder motor.

Anyone care to venture a guess as to who makes the big decisions? The boys, she reports, had been turned away from Catholicism to the race-centered Identity rei igion.

Flanigan defenSively explains that she had never raised her children to be like that. No wonder mother was "unspeakably sad and could not stop crying.

Flanigan, I might suggest you calm down and think things over a bit. Yes, I know, it was all so chicly radical, so hip; so much fun to change the world.

Some parents of that era thought their kids had adually become raging revolutionaries. Well, not to worry; they hadn't. Far from being radical, Ma Flanigan's generation of world-savers were merely the shock troops of the New World Order of Money Rule, where race, culture, spirit and soul are worth nothing-where the passport to happiness is having fun, doing one's thing, and owning a stash of clever consumer goods.

Remember that shocking 60s "radical" Jerry Rubin, whose mouth foamed with outrageous sou nd bites? Flanigan's sons are true radicals, for they have gone to the heart of the matter, where a genuine, revolutionary change has taken place.

Race and cultural consciousness is the only answer to that spiritual hunger created by the enormous vacuity of the New World Order of Money, MTV and do-good ventures in imperialism like the Peace Corps.

Flanigan, that you "want to be the vessel for restoring them to goodness. In terms of the 21 st century, they already are "good.

You'd serve yourself and your family best by ceasing to live in the past and taking pride in having given birth to the Future. The children of the "children of the 60s" will turn their backs on the desolation of what has gone before and build a strong new world that will guarantee that our Kind-the world's most endangered species-will survive and flourish light-years into the future.

This is, after all, an age of action and polities, not of contemplation. Unfortunately, when you come right down to it, Identity, as religions go, is as rough-hewn as they come.

Perhaps this very lack of refinement is a reflection of the American psyche. In other words, that we are the biblical Jews! It may even be that the British Israelites, as the 19th-century disciples of this credo were called, trace their theology to the great poet, painter and mystic, William Blake.

In his poem from the preface to Milton, untitled but usually called Jerusalem, he writes: Some of the items from the Holy Book are unseemly to northern Europeans: David, a Jewish short person, abandoned the Nordic tradition of single combat.

Instead he chose to defeat the "giant" Goliath by slinging stones from a distance. Then there's the nasty business of Joshua employing a whore as a spy in order to take Jericho.

I omit many other seamy items unlikely to be found in the Icelandic sagas. I'll pass on Identity. However, one can understand its appeal to the masses.

It permits worship in the faith of our fathers without feeling guilty about the jews, since, after all, we are the Jews, or Israelites, and the Jews who dispute these claims are all Khazarian imposters.

Or better, for president in Duke may have lost in his two tries for statewide office, but his name and message are now known throughout the land.

A critic of Duke, one Tertium Quid, used these pages April to plead with Duke to forego politics in favor of becoming a "symbol. These primaries, if Duke enters them, will be the first time in the U.

And whi Ie Duke is not likely to win anywhere, he may garner enough delegates in those states that grant proportional representation to make his presence felt at this summer's Republican Convention.

Nor does it really much matter whether Duke personally is a saint or a sinner. That pol itics is not small-scale moral ity is a fact that some on the Whiteside seem not to be able to grasp.

We're not likely to find any Francises of Assisi in the pool of candidates. But, if we wish to continue to confound morality with politics, we can note that most of the prominent Whiteside leaders seem to fall significantly short when measured against that four-square war hero and one-woman straight arrow, George Bush.

However, in a hundred years Bush will be forgotten, while Duke and others in the Whitefight will be remembered with awe and respect. Those who think Duke is an "opportunist" should wait until they see the kind of candidates that will be spawned in the wake of Duke's amazing electoral showing.

They'll denounce white activist groups as they go after their potential memberships. From the beginning Instauration recognized recognition of the existence, rights and interests of the Nordish race as distinct from the Caucasian subspecies or that the process of Nordish dispossession was not limited to Nordish Americans, but was threatening the Nordish race "white race" as a whole.

Although the term "Majority" is properly a demographic rather than racial classification, the as a whole in all its homelands.

The Nordish race ish" in my third book. In practice these ple without a proper racial two goals are inseparable. Today, almost half of erated, the more it is regarded as important and worthy of the people of Northern European race live outside northern Europe.

The term Nordic properly refers only to a minority preservation-and the more effective it is in resisting and of them. To save or not to save one is to save or not to save the other.

The angel bashing began with A. Following Svenson, he wrongly assumes my use of the term "angel" applies only to blondes. He further claims "as has frequently been remarked in the pages of Instauration, they are the ones most likely to cross over to the dark side.

I don't think so. The Esthetic Prop has not had its proper effect on Zi p If Zip is Nordish, his loyalties certainly are not.

Far from having a "blonde fetish," he declares his preference for Spanish and Italian women over "any all-American blonde," and is attracted by the "lustrous sheen" of the hair of Mexican girls with "a dash of Indian blood.

In fact, most of the raCially destructive miscegenation now suffered by the Nordish race is with the non-Nordish races Robertson refers to as "unassimilable white minorities.

The distinction is a valid one, necessary for Nordish racial preservation and independence. As stated at the beginning of this article, the position The Dispossessed Majority took on this very issue is one of the things that most impressed me with the book's importance.

If it disappears from the pages of Instauration, it may disappear from our thoughts as well, and then-losing what may be its best or only hope for salvation-disappear from life.

As for myself, I will come to the defense of Nordish women and the Nordish race whenever and wherever I can. But I also support the preservation and independence of the non-Nordish races, bear them no ill-will, wish them well, and urge others to do likewise.

I hope Zip , and others of his inclination, will do no less for the Nordish race. On this occasion it was "Fighting the Failure Syndrome," a short piece on "a radical proposal" that young black boys be taken out of their regular classrooms in order to receive special training in the three R's.

The article voiced, of course, the usual concern of white liberals over such an idea: Did the proposal fly in the face of some 25 years of "gains" in school desegregation?

Might classroom separation only serve to intensify the black boys' feelings of anger, alienation, and so on, that had inspired the proposal in the first place?

One of the problems, the article explained, is that black boys often lack a male role model at home. A few such models do exist-paragons like Bill Cosby and Jesse Jackson-but these, alas, are "too remote" to be effective: Can the models be white?

Should they be mixed? The whole "concept," Time explained, is "to get the kids to look at themselves. The dilemma is presented as if it were some great puzzle to be solved by social engineers.

Time's article begins with the usual observations about black problems; with the soaring rate of crime and violence among black males and the hugely disproportionate numbers of them on parole, on probation and in penitentiaries.

This is all described, either implicitly or explicitly, in terms of alienation, mental disturbance and "social pathologies. One Jewelle Taylor Gibbs, a social scientist at Berkeley, observes, by way of diagnosis, that young black males get negatively "labeled" and are "perceived as being" hyperactive and aggressive by their teachers.

In reading the article I thought for a moment of my days in grade school, when a truly magnificent young man named Mr.

Haines sat repeatedly one-on-one in tutorial sessions with a black boy named Lenny in an effort to improve his reading skills. Haines sat with him time and again, making a snail's progress until near the end of the year when Lenny's reading expertise reached third-grade level.

The scene stuck in my mind for several reasons. One was that Haines was probably the best teacher I ever had, his patience and generosity with Lenny being just one example.

This puzzled me a little in the midst of all of the claims about the equality of the races that had become so fashionable. I saw, too, that local area papers, radio and television were being deluged with black complaints about the "racist" methods of education in a nearby metropolitan area.

Before long I was wondering aloud why whites did not just allow the boycott and devote their energies to the cultivation of white talent, which seemed to flourish so much more easily without the presence of blacks.

Inevitably some of my friends began to say that I was a "racist. It is a question I ask no longer. The Racial Angle Time, a fairly literate mainstream publication with mountainous resources, refuses to deal in any forthright manner with the crisis it purports to diagnose.

It uses every sociological device possible to explain why Lenny can't read, ignoring the obvious answer that Lenny, and others like him, are simply not inclined, on the average, to spend long hours in cognitive activity and that no amount of sophisticated, academic "studies" has ever given us the faintest reason to think otherwise.

Time simply won't admit that this problem is perpetuated by the trend, in so-called inner cities and elsewhere, toward crazily dysgenic overbreeding at the expense of those who earn their living by their own industry and intelligence.

How elegant is the racial answer by comparison! It makes perfect sense of Lenny and of his ongOing failure "syndrome" in the nation's urban combat zones.

The failure to see the evidence is nothing short of phenomenal. I, for one, can no longer believe that the refusal to take it seriously is anything but calculated.

White activists make much of the parallel between today's situation and the scenario of George Orwell's , in which a totalitarian regime exerted brutal control over the minds and bodies of its subjects.

Facts were horribly distorted. Even logic itself was bent to the wishes of those in power. Words like "love," "truth" and "freedom" were turned around to mean their exact opposites.

Those who did not believe the party line with sufficient enthusiasm were duly punished. In the end, thought processes and even bare emotions were malleable to the wishes of those in power.

The comparison of Time's article with Orwell's novel is not invidious. Black males, Time informs us, are a problem because they are perceived as being hyperactive and aggressive, owing to the structure of SOCiety, which allegedly gives rise to the high black crime rate.

Blacks fare badly in education, we are told, because they suffer from a poor self-image. Their failure results from an anti-scholastic "ethic.

On it goes without end, even to the extent of asserting that our own women are attractive because historically they have been "glamorized" more than women of other racial types.

None of this falls trippingly on our ears, and none of it should. For what is happening here is that we are being asked, at every turn, to accept a flat reversal of the causal relationships in question.

These analyses present the cause as if it were the effect, and vice versa: Do blacks misbehave because they are perceived as being a prcb!

Or is it the other way around? Again, it is more apt to be the reverse. The trend is pervasive. What holds for causality holds also for language: Movement toward social ruin is called "gain.

Needless to say, indictments of the media are nothing new, and I have neither the time nor the inclination to develop a case that has been made elsewhere by persons with far more documentation at their disposaL I will be satisfied if I have pointed out one more way in which the establishment, or a part of it, has tried to warp reality to fit its agenda.

Take care, reader, lest your mind be a thing laid to terrible waste. I ran into Lenny a few years ago, back in our old neighborhood.

He asked what I'd been doing. I replied a little self-consciously that I'd just acquired a new degree and had done a bit of writing.

He said he had not been around lately and that he had been trying to stay out of trouble since "coming back.

But no one could ever say that Mr. Instinctual barriers to race-mixing will still remain, but as in the past they will not be all-powerful. Evolution Is a Good Thing It has produced us, after all.

Wilson says the total biomass of people is about to exceed that of the ants. There is room for much argument here.

Japanese claim to be 1 in the IQ race. Jews claim to be 1 in the morality department, while others will lower this to 1 in the moralizing department.

I hold the Northern Europeans to be 1 in individualism and lfle republican virtues. Racism Can Be a Benign, not a Hateful, Doctrine Racism is such an elastic anti-concept that its bare mention practically stops intelligent discussion.

It's broadly defined when used as an argumentative club. It's less broadly defined when it advocates oppression and even genocide.

A recognition of biological facts, my definition of racism, does not imply anything at all in the way of politics. When they are, it frequently turns out we rank our own merits higher.

Even those who are not racist hold that differences in achievement are a matter of historical circumstance and accident, object to cultural displacement and dispossession.

It often seems that no one learns any lessons from history, except how to keep festering resentments alive, which is what happens when groups demand reparations for past exploitations by long-dead ancestors a dubious exercise in the collectivization of guilt.

Not many blacks go back! A majority or near-majority of blacks has already come to realize this. It is a fact that, for innate racial reasons, black excellence does not extend to earning a good income.

My own observations, watching them laze around, a's that they are happier, on the whole, than whites, whc -car, be rather compulsive about work. This compulsiveness is an over-all benefit in the long run.

But there is nothing wrong with a happy-go-lucky race, so long as its members realize such an attitude won't make them rich.

Should we encourage them to move elsewhere, to live under their own rules and in a more congenial environment? Perhaps, but it is more important that we preserve our own ways, which are now being threatened by demographic displacement.

This latter type of racism has teeth to it, modest teeth, but teeth nevertheless. If it isn't benign, let us make it so by subsidizing black separatism and compensating them for using birth control.

A certain unsentimental toughness is required in such matters, but not nastiness, not exploitation, not bigotry or hatred. The Accomplishments of European Races Europeans and Euro-Americans have always been interested in the rest of the world, an interest that has often grown to faddish dimensions.

Most of the earth's people's have reciprocated by adopting or trying to adopt our science, technology, mathematics, logic, philosophy and political institutions.

To understand European accomplishments, let's start with the most argued case of racial difference, that of whites and blacks in intelligence.

If we accept this basic difference, we are on the road to filtering all human history through a racial lens. This does not mean that we are rigid racial determinists, merely that we are aware of racial factors in the shaping of events.

Europeans Are More Intelligent than Blacks Intelligence comes at a high evolutionary cost, for the brain is an expensive organ.

This mutual process of tying an increase in sociality with an increase in intelligence has gone farthest in the roaring success known as Homo sapiens.

The evolutionary pressures that enabled Caucasoids and Mongoloids to pull ahead of Congoids Negroids , Capoids and Australoids are not very well known, though the challenges of a colder and more vigorous environment must have played some crucial role.

The evidence, positive and negative, for the mental inferiority of the average black compared to the average white is multiple. The process of convergent or parallel evolution, which Coon documents with the hardest of all hard evidence bones , is quite common.

A perusal of Science will quickly reveal this, though Coon himself is only rarely mentioned. Handling such biochemical evidence is a very tricky job.

The whole business is based on the alleged constancy rate of the mitochondria. While not up to modern techniques of brain scanning, their cumulative results cannot be ignored.

Readers of Tenney Frank's History of Rome, still a standard source, will learn that the cultural reasons for Rome's decline bad government and military weakness are themselves the product of racial decline.

It is also the only one to have preserved much of its racial base. Anyone can put forward any preposterous theory he wants in this area.

Conversely, there is nothing to prevent a social scientist from claiming that oppression or whatever induces people to struggle all the harder.

In fact, there is no good evidence or even bad evidence that education actually promotes reasoning. It is more plausible that, as the brain matures, teachers can instruct their students at increasingly more abstract levels.

Arthur jensen has also stated he has never seen such a study. More recent research of jensen and others has found high correlations between basic intelligence and the speed at which neurons communicate with each other the so-called evoked potential response.

Since human weight goes up and down with eating and exercise habits, heredity does not seem to be important. But across a whole population, heredity does play the greater role.

The same is true of intelligence, which varies from person to person, as do IQ scores. Still, our own scores are much closer to the scores of our relations than to those of the population at large.

When it comes to storing large numbers of simple facts or alleged facts, as less intelligent people are not so critical of what they take to be true , the races are roughly equal.

Most interchanges are kept at that level. It is only when conversation gets to the point of involving reasoning ability intelligence proper that the differences become pronounced.

Black children are initially more intelligent than whites but fall increasingly behind. Children of high IQ parents generally have IQs lower than their parents, but still above average.

Likewise, children of low IQ parents generally have IQs higher than their parents but still below average. Europeans Have a More Scientific Mentality It is plausible to conjecture that the right and left hemispheres of the upper cerebral cortex are uncommonly coordinated among Europeans.

The right hemisphere specializes in larger patterns, while the left specializes in detail. Intelligent non-European Caucasoids are too theory-oriented.

Mongoloids are too little theory-oriented. Their Nobel prizes go to experimentalists. There are very few Jewish engineers.

The overall racial point is that, while non-Europeans can contribute to a developed Western science, only Europeans have evolved a culture that struck the proper balance between theory and fact that enabled science to emerge in the first place.

My own highly conjectural candidate is prehistoric and early historic warfare. Europeans alone were fighting Caucasoids on all sides.

North Africans, by contrast, had Congoids to their south, and Near Easterners and Mongoloids to their east. War demands an integration of strategy theory and tactics facts.

Victory requires an integrated understanding of the total situation. Warfare selects for brains attuned to science.

Why can't Europeans retire from the scene now that scientific civilization is in place? Why not let Near Easterners do the theory and Far-Easterners the experiments, and let every person meet in conferences?

The brown races are out of the running altogether, as well as subgroups of Caucasoids whose IQs have evidently shru nk, I ike those of Arabs and I nd ians.

Conferences, however, are not enough. Integration has to take place in individual brains if revolutionary advances are to be made.

Without Europeans, Big Science could well lumber on, but great scientific advances would become far fewer. The probability is that there wou Id be retrogression, not just stagnation, because the cultural base for scientific activity would erode considerably.

The demand for science would continue it pays handsomely , but the supply of scientists would go down. Among other things, they require that the "masses" non-scientists supply what Richard Swartzbaugh calls friendly terrain.

The late, great William Sheldon developed a tri-polar scheme for classifying temperaments that corresponded to his well-known tri-polar body types.

Everyman and woman is a mixture of all three temperaments and all three body types. As might be expected, environmentalists who itch to run everyone's lives have attacked Sheldon.

The other scheme of classifying personalities is that of Carl Jung, whose ideas have been elaborated into the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, which uses four dimensions: Sheldon's The Varieties of Temperament is mostly forgotten, but the Jung system is still expounded in detail, with tests enclosed, in the Widely available book, Please Understand Me , by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates.

It is the broad aspects that are the object of Sheldon's and Jung's studies. This is what is necessary for progress, the reason again being that genuine breakthroughs are made by individuals, not committees.

On Wednesday, the peshmerga launched what they have described as the largest operation yet against the IS since it overran major parts of Iraq in June.

One of the heaviest series of coalition air strikes paved the way for 8, peshmerga to advance.

Qassem Shasho, a Yazidi Kurdish commander, said peshmerga forces had reached Sinjar town but have not yet entered as it has to be cleared of militant booby-traps.

Ahrar al-Sham Islamic fighters run for cover on Friday after a fellow fighter was injured in air strikes around Al Hamidiyeh base, one of two military posts they took control of from Syrian regime forces in the southern Idlib countryside.

Militants demoralised by losses from air strikes: The US is using Turkish bases for intelligence-gathering purposes but Ankara remains reluctant to allow its bases to be used for launching bombing sorties.

In a statement, Israel condemned the resolution as biased against the nation, Israeli media reported. The attack flooded the Mediterranean coastline with 15, tonnes of oil, according to the United Nations.

The UN asked Lebanon to continue clean-up efforts and the international community to increase funding for its environmental restoration. Detractors of the September gas deal, under which Israel would supply Jordan with The pistol was an award for her success on the frontline in the battle to protect Kurdish areas of northeastern Syria and is a far cry from her life a year ago when she was working as a nurse in Cologne in Germany.

When asked for their full names, the women declined, preferring to be known and addressed by their noms de guerre. Arin, who was born and raised in Germany, said she was awarded her pistol after she killed 20 IS militants, earning her the reputation among her colleagues as one of the most dangerous snipers in the group.

Last year she travelled to Syria to join the YPJ and now heads her unit, which originally had 20 members, mainly from Syria and Turkey.

Today only seven survive. They cook and laugh as if they were living an ordinary life but their lives are far from normal.

They are my family. Rangin, another sniper, came in with breakfast: Ex-regime woos Tunisia voters with a makeover The presidential election is dominated by questions over the return of those close to Ben Ali Reuters Tunis I n the corner of his office, Tunisian presidential candidate Beji Caid Essebsi keeps a bust of Habib Bourguiba, who led the country in after its independence from France.

It is a symbol, he says, of the kind of statesman Tunisia now needs. Instead he offers his experience as a statesman that he says Tunisia needs after three years of instability.

Ben Ali officials were not hunted down and a law to ban members of his party from politics never made it past initial proposals. Marzouki only talks of Essebsi in the context of the Ben Ali era.

Yet should Essebsi win, victory would be tempered by the political and economic challenges facing Tunisia: Many participants in the uprising say they too will be warily watching the return of the old regime.

This week marked the fourth anniversary of the death of Mohamed Bouazizi, the street vendor who set himself alight in protest and triggered the uprising against the abuses and poor living conditions many suffered under Ben Ali.

The Opec oil producer has had two parallel governments and parliaments since August when a group called Libya Dawn seized Tripoli, forcing the recognised administration of Prime Minister Abdullah alThinni to the east.

For decades, they have paid for Libyan crude through a state bank linked to the central bank in Tripoli. President Omar Hassan al-Bashir proposed a constitutional change on November 3 to make state governors appointed positions rather than elected ones, but the alteration only becomes legally valid 60 days from that date.

Postponing the election allows for the state governor positions to be removed from the forthcoming poll before the new nomination period starts on January Mokhtar al-Assam, the elections head, did not mention the constitutional issue in comments to Reuters, but said: The opposition Popular Congress party has said it will boycott the election because of what it sees as a restrictive political climate.

Many are gloomy about the prospects of the violence ending any time soon. International threats have had little impact in forcing rival leaders to strike a lasting deal, even as the humanitarian crisis remains dire.

UN reports killings and rapes during attack by rebels Children play with a suitcase in a camp for displaced people of the Nuer ethnic group inside the UNMISS compound in Bor in this file photo.

Even if top leaders can agree on terms for peace, their forces have now fractured into over two dozen different armed groups, analysts say. It could very well get much, much worse.

I will only go out when peace comes. Bentiu has been hotly contested between the two sides and its control has changed hands several times.

The nation rich in gold and diamonds descended into civil war after largely Muslim Seleka rebels overthrew president Francois Bozize, a Christian, in March Since then, about 10, boys and girls have been killed, raped and recruited by armed groups as combatants, porters and spies and sexual slaves, according to Save the Children.

One of them is year-old Maeva, who joined the largely Christian anti-Balaka militia last year after Seleka rebels gang-raped her and killed her aunt.

Many other child soldiers were younger than her, the girl said, some as young as eight years. Child soldiers are routinely subjected to physical and mental violence by adult combatants, the organisation found.

Girls often seek the protection of soldiers by becoming their wives, while both girls and boys are sexually exploited.

I have friends who they decapitated. People queued at 2m distance from each other, had their temperature taken and washed their hands before entering the booths.

Joey Kennedy, a spokesman for the national election commission, had earlier said that all voters would have to wash their hands before entering polling stations and maintain at least 1m from each other.

A total of candidates are competing for 15 seats, in polls that were postponed for two months because of the Ebola outbreak that infected more than 7, Liberians, according to the World Health Organisation WHO.

After casting his vote in northern Kendeja, Weah said he was sure of victory. My victory was stolen from me in previous presidential elections.

The government postponed the elections twice since October, out of concern the Ebola vi- rus might spread during political campaigning events and in long queues at polling stations.

Balloting began at 7. But polling stations opened late in many places in the seaside capital Monrovia and in several locations in the interior of the country.

Bars, offices and businesses were closed, an AFP journalist said. The polls came as neighbouring Sierra Leone issued a clampdown on public gatherings and New Year festivities following a surge in new Ebola infections.

Polling station agents prepare a polling station in Monrovia during parliamentary elections yesterday. Several officials involved in the drive to end the epidemic in Guinea were also on hand at the airport.

Ban, who did not speak to reporters, was to hold a news conference later after meeting with Guinean President Alpha Conde.

He was to head next to the Malian capital Bamako to wrap up his tour. He pledged to help the Ebolaravaged countries rebuild their health systems.

The latest data, posted overnight on the WHO website, reflected nearly new deaths from the worst ever outbreak of the haemorrhagic fever in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since previous WHO figures were issued on December Sierra Leone accounts for the most cases, 8,, against 7, for Liberia.

On Friday, hundreds of angry youths prevented the medical aid group Doctors Without Borders MSF from setting up an Ebola treatment unit in a southern town, saying they did not want to be infected by the virus.

Yesterday UN chief Ban urged countries affected by the Ebola virus to avoid discriminat- Ban receiving a gift in Conakry yesterday during his tour of west African countries hit by Ebola.

His comments follow a meet- ing on Friday in which Rebecca Johnson, a Sierra Leonean nurse who caught the virus, recounted how she fell gravely ill, recovered and is now back treating Ebola patients.

Two men burnt alive in Congo after attack on army building: The incident in the town of Beni, about km north of the North Kivu capital Goma, followed an attack on Friday night.

Beni, a major trade centre in the area, has been wracked by violence and unrest over the past two decades with both local and foreign armed groups operating in the region.

Recent massacres in Beni have claimed more than lives since October, according to local sources. South African as equals.

The department of defence said that the Afghan men -- Shawali Khan, Khi Ali Gul, Abdul Ghani, and Mohamad Zahir -- had been moved from the prison after a comprehensive review of their case.

The releases come hard on the heels of the transfer of six Guantanamo detainees to start new lives in Uruguay earlier this month. The latest transfers leave detainees at Guantanamo Bay, the Pentagon said.

But he criticised the law for including provisions that bar the United States from building or modifying any prison facilities to house the Guantanamo inmates.

Washington has been one of nine US states that do not tax capital gains from the sale of stocks, bonds, and other assets, Inslee said, and the proposed levies are lower than those in Idaho, Oregon and California.

The state supreme court in September found the legislature in contempt for failing to uphold a court order to come up with a plan to infuse billions of dollars into public education.

The space station and its crew orbit Earth from an altitude of miles, travelling at a speed of approximately 28,kph. Because the station completes each trip around the globe in about 92 minutes, the crew experiences 16 sunrises and sunsets each day.

An earlier trial in ended in a deadlocked jury. At a hearing in November, Batts, a rarity for judge, took the stand, testifying that she had not intended for spectators to vacate the courtroom, only their seats while jury selection was underway.

Judge restores protections to Great Lakes wolves Reuters Washington A federal judge on Friday restored US Endangered Species Act protections to gray wolves in the western Great Lakes in a decision hailed by wildlife advocates for halting wolf hunting and trapping planned in such states as Minnesota and Wisconsin.

US wildlife managers in lifted federal protections for wolves in the western Great Lakes, including Michigan, after determining that the animals had rebounded from near-extinction.

The decision opened the way for stateregulated hunting seasons. A coalition led by the Humane Society of the United States sued, arguing the decision was premature and would subject the several thousand wolves in the region to liberal hunting and trapping rules that would place their survival at risk.

Federal wildlife biologists counted nearly 4, wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin at the time the animals were removed from the federal endangered and threatened species list.

Government estimates this year suggest the region is home to 3, wolves, a decline mostly due to hunting and trapping.

US district judge Beryl A. Howell found that the Fish and Wildlife Service wrongly interpreted parts of the Endangered Species Act by carving out certain populations of wolves to be stripped of protections rather than assessing the animals or species as a whole.

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was held by militants as a prisoner of war after disappearing from his base in eastern Afghanistan.

Army officers could conclude that Bergdahl did nothing wrong or order that he face a court martial for alleged desertion charge that in theory carries the death penalty, although execution would be highly unlikely.

Obama has defended the deal, saying that it was an iron-clad principle for the United States to secure the release of its prisoners of war.

The Boeing Black phone being developed by the Chicagobased aerospace and defence contractor, which is best known for jetliners and fighter planes, can self-destruct if it is tampered with.

The Boeing Black device encrypts calls and is aimed at government agencies and others that need to keep communications and data secure.

The Boeing phone uses dual SIM cards and can be configured to connect with biometric sensors and satellites.

Hackers launched a massive cyber-attack on the studio on November 24, followed by a series of threats, including earlier this week invoking the September 11, attacks.

Lynton explained how Sony had made its decision after most major US theatre chains announced that they would not screen the movie.

On Friday at his year-end press conference, he was anything but down. At the end of a campaign that saw many candidates from his own party keep their distance from him, and his poll numbers waning, Obama watched the Democrats lose control of the Senate in the mid-term elections.

Defence lawyers have conceded that Holmes was the lone gunman but say he was in the throes of a psychotic episode, a claim his parents repeated in their statement.

For the past six weeks, however, Obama has been transformed. On Friday, he was relaxed, joking with reporters. Side-stepping the idea of a quick trip to the communistruled island, Obama did say he hoped to go at some point.

He said that Castro jokingly replied: White House spokesman Josh Earnest acknowledged that it was a deliberate choice.

Executions in US at year low: The number of people sentenced to death is also falling, the report said, reaching 72 by mid-December of the lowest in 40 years.

In all three of those states, executions by lethal injection using new drug combinations took longer than expected, with witnesses in some cases indicating that inmates appeared to be in pain.

In the Oklahoma execution, Lockett lifted his head 13 minutes after receiving the lethal injection. A doctor called a halt to the procedure but Lockett died minutes later.

Only seven of 32 states that have the death penalty on the books executed inmates in , with the bulk coming from just three states: Texas, Missouri and Florida, the report said.

Michael Rushford, president of the pro-death penalty Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, said there is little evidence that juries are less likely to impose death sentences or that the public at large is opposed to the death penalty.

The lower number of executions is, in part, a result of fewer death penalty-eligible crimes being committed in recent years, he said.

Oklahoma to re-use lethal injection mix Reuters Oklahoma City O klahoma plans to use the same lethal injection drug combination it employed during a botched execution in April, Department of Corrections DOC officials told a federal court hearing arguments on whether to halt death sentences in the state from being carried out.

Lawyers for 21 death row in- mates in Oklahoma, four of whom are scheduled to die next year, have asked the court to suspend future executions following the lethal injection of convicted murderer Clayton Lockett.

In testimony for the plaintiffs this week, David Lubarsky, an anaesthesiologist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, said midazolam cannot achieve the levels of unconsciousness needed for surgical procedures, and is therefore problematic for executions.

Prison officials have said their lethal injection combinations are humane and appropriate. After the botched execution, they drew up new protocols they said would remedy problems.

Several states, including Oklahoma have struggled to obtain drugs for executions after many pharmaceutical companies imposed sales bans because they object to having medications made for other purposes used in lethal injections.

A UN official and a local rights activist saud that eight Montagnards, including a woman, emerged from their hiding and were met by a UN team early yesterday.

Rights activists said another group of five remained in the jungle and were considering contacting the UN soon. The UN has said local Cambodian authorities had denied UN access to help the Montagnards, who were from the Jarai ethnic minority group and reportedly suffering from various physical ailments including dengue fever and malaria.

In Vietnamese troops crushed protests in the Central Highlands, prompting an exodus of Montagnards. Vietnam routinely asks Cambodia to return Montagnard people who flee.

The gathering was broken up by authorities in circumstances which remain unclear. Dozens of people have been jailed over the incident, which Vietnam has cast as a separatist plot to overthrow its communist government.

Few details were given on projects to be funded, but Xinhua said China will export production capacity in industries such as electricity, telecommunication, steel and cement.

Dams and hydro-electric power schemes were expected to be high on the agenda of the Greater Mekong Summit, despite mounting concerns over environmental and social impacts.

China has in recent months devoted diplomatic energy as well as huge sums of money to wooing Southeast Asia, where its reputation as a regional powerhouse is blighted by sea disputes and fears over its longterm intentions.

All four fatalities were from the state of Kelantan where more than 15, people have left their homes and several roads were impassable due to floods brought about by heavy rains, the Kelantan state fire and rescue department said.

In the adjacent state of Terengganu, 8, people were staying in evacuation centres due to the floods. A total of more than 1, people have also abandoned their homes in the states of Johor and Pahang due to the floods.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department yesterday warned that intermittent and occasionally heavy rains will persist in Kelantan and Terengganu.

In effect, the disaster gave them unfettered access to the shore again and time to pursue their traditional way of life.

That post-tsunami reprieve has ended, the Moklens say; tourist arrivals have shot up from The Moklens again fear their way of life is close to extinction.

At the forested edge of the lagoon stands the shell of an ornate traditional Thai ceramictiled building that withstood the tsunami and is now overgrown with weeds and creepers.

On the side fronting the sea, construction machinery pounds away on a plot of land with new retaining walls and the foundation of a large hotel.

The dark-skinned Moklens -- an ethnic group linked to the Moken sea gypsies of the Andaman Islands -- live and breathe the sea, with intricately knotted Hong Klathalay carries gear to his fishing boat as he walks past a tree brought down by the tsunami in Khao Lak, Phang Nga province.

The survivors were evacuated to nearby rubber plantations on higher ground. Within weeks of the disaster, the landowner forbade villagers from returning, but the government stepped in and allowed survivors to rebuild.

A lengthy legal battle ensued. Four years ago, they reached an out-of-court settlement with the landowner, who agreed to sign over half of his 3.

Sakda says the Moklens do not want land deeds, but clear written agreements that no matter who buys the shorefront properties, they will be allowed to park their boats and reach the sea.

This is where we were born. The case has prompted huge debate on Chinese social media and highlighted the stigma attached to the disease in a coun- try where sufferers face widespread discrimination.

Reports said Kunkun was born Mother arrested for murder of eight children in Australia AFP Cairns A ustralian police said yesterday they had arrested the mother of all but one of eight children reportedly stabbed to death in the northern city of Cairns, as vigils were held to mourn the tragedy.

Officers have not revealed the cause of death of the children, the youngest of which was a toddler and the oldest a teenager, but said knives were found at the house where the bodies were discovered on Friday morning.

Flowers and teddy bears were laid near the crime scene and church services were held overnight in Cairns, where police said they are working closely with the Torres Strait Islander community to which the family belonged.

The woman arrested is the mother of the seven younger children and the aunt of the year-old girl. She has not been charged, but Queensland Police said she was assisting them with their inquiries.

He could not say whether her wounds were self-inflicted. The murders have rocked Australia, which is still reeling from a dramatic siege in a central Sydney cafe this week that left two hostages and a gunman dead and prompted a huge HIV-positive through transmission from his mother.

Queensland state minister Tim Nicholls, who laid a wreath at the site, said police had not yet explained the mo- tive behind the killings.

Kunkun told the Beijing News that he could not remember what his parents looked like, adding: Pyongyang has repeatedly denied the secretive state was behind the hacking, which led to the release of a trove of embarrassing emails, scripts and other internal communications, including information about salaries and employee health records.

Just before Obama took the podium, the Federal Bureau of Investigation explained how it had concluded that North Korea was to blame.

The attackers used malware to break into the studio and render thousands of Sony Pictures computers inoperable, forcing the company to take its entire network offline, the FBI said.

The UN General Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution by a strong majority that asks the Security Council to refer North Korea to the ICC and to consider targeted sanctions against the Pyongyang leadership for the repression of its citizens.

It was measured at a depth of 37km. A spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power, which owns the nuclear plants, said no irregularities have been found at its Fukushima Daiichi or Daini plants.

Residents of all ages walked in the middle of the road through the historic district shouting: The protest march culminated in a public square where Protesters march during a pro-democracy protest in Macau yesterday.

This is the only way leading to sound and steady progress. Beijing has accused foreign forces of stirring up the Hong Kong protests.

There were also reports that some visitors and journalists from Hong Kong were denied entry after being told their names were on a blacklist.

Both Macau and Hong Kong enjoy freedoms unseen on the mainland -- but their leaders are selected by a loyalist committee.

Similar discontent over corruption and social inequality partly underpins the Hong Kong movement. Macau is the only part of China where casino gambling is legal and has depended on highrollers from the mainland.

But Beijing has warned the southern territory to reconsider its dependence on gaming and is reported to already be clamping down on illicit funds channelled from the mainland through its casinos.

Police mounted a major manhunt for Robert Fraser after two attacks on escort women in central London earlier this year. He was found to have been treated for his psychiatric condition since and had told doctors he believed that God represented men and the devil represented women.

However he had been thrown out of a mental hospital against his will in November because he was thought to have been a malingerer, the Old Bailey heard.

Prosecutor Simon Denison QC said that in the light of the psychiatric reports the pleas were acceptable and it was not in the public interest to push for a trial.

Police have arrested two men in connection with the investigation into a nightclub shooting after a dramatic car chase through north London.

A man, wearing a green parka, blue jeans and boots, was handcuffed and ordered to sit on the forecourt as officers searched the car before arresting him and an accomplice.

A number of bags were removed and taken away by forensic teams for examination. The year-old victim was shot in the leg and made his way to a nearby hospital, where he remains in a stable condition.

His injuries are not life-threatening. Scotland Yard today said two men, aged 28 and 30, had been arrested at the garage at around 8. Pugachev denies any wrongdoing and says he had no involvement in the Russian bank after becoming a senator in his homeland in She has three nannies on rota for her three children, numerous housekeepers, security guards, drivers, gardeners, a live-in doctor and a personal trainer.

The DIA, the bank liquidators, claim Pugachev defrauded the bank and used part of the money to buy a Flacon private jet and a luxury yacht for his personal use.

In a statement today they welcomed the judgement and stressed they would continue to pursue him and recover his assets. Roland McKoy attacked them after being told to leave the family home in Hackney following the end of their 18year relationship.

After the verdict, the family of community worker Forde said: In a victim impact statement read to the court, she said: Jailing him for life with a minimum of 35 years, judge Charles Wide said: By December she told him their relationship was over and gave him three months to go.

The court heard he had made a series of threats to the family. In January Forde texted her sister saying: The Nazi symbols were seen at the entrance to a school in Stoke Newington.

A neighbourhood watch group said its volunteers removed the graffiti from outside Jubilee Primary School on Thursday night.

Volunteer Michael Scher told the Standard they scrubbed out the marking before children could see it on their way into school the following day.

He said Swastikas have been painted on buildings on a number of other occasions this year. Stoke Newington neighbourhood Sergeant Dan Window tweeted: Top DJs including Annie Mac, Chemical Brothers and Groove Armada joined a last-minute campaign to save the Farringdon venue after the Standard revealed it faced losing its licence after four drug-related deaths in three years.

The club will also have to introduce ID checks on all clubbers, improve CCTV and increase drug searches at the door as part of a package of conditions.

As a law abiding clubber, having your data put on record just because you choose to go clubbing seems like a gross invasion of privacy.

DJ Annie Mac said: He told the Standard: We need to see their written reasons but we fundamentally disagree on a number of key points. Fabric, which is renowned for house and techno nights.

Its report, for Vouchercodes. Shoppers carry bags along Oxford street during the final weekend of shopping before Christmas. Worldpay UK managing director Dave Hobday said: It estimates 34mn transactions will take place, with numbers peaking in the lunch hour break between 1pm and 2pm.

Last year our London centres attracted over , shoppers on the last Saturday before Christmas and we are again expecting big numbers this year.

Promotions continue to be a key factor this year following the huge success of Black Friday where we had over 20 per cent growth year-on-year, but luxury brands are also drawing shoppers who are looking for that extra-special gift.

Her next-door neighbour, satellite TV engineer Trevor Gibbon, 48, was today being questioned by police on suspicion of murder. Residents claimed the pair had been rowing over a shared driveway between their end-of-terrace houses.

She was a wonderful, caring mother and top professional. She was a great mum and did good work for the community. She was just the best person and we are only just starting to come to terms with our loss.

We cannot believe what has happened. Speaking from the family home this morning, her niece, Bianca Brathwaite, said: It escalated when Morrison, who recently underwent a kidney transplant, put up a bright security light.

In response, CCTV was apparently installed. One resident told the Standard: Trevor got some parking tickets because he parked in front of the driveway.

She was a good, community person. I phoned for an ambulance and it came within seconds. She wanted to see how she could make things better.

She was so articulate, so thoughtful , so inspiring. This will send shockwaves through our community. Alison was a key member of the Board and a tireless advocate of its work.

Zakariya Subeir and Kiro Halliburton, both now 18, hit out when Thrower came at them in a rage, smashing through a reinforced glass partition they were hiding behind.

Halliburton, who delivered the fatal knife wound, was found guilty of murder while Subeir, who hit the victim twice with an axe, and Mahdi Osman, also 18, were convicted of manslaughter.

Zakariya Subeir, Kiro Halliburton and Mahdi Osman He said Halliburton, who was only 17 at the time, could have had a far longer sentence had he been born a month later making him 18 and in a higher sentencing bracket.

You are a dangerous young man, repeatedly ag- gressive when armed with a knife. Osman received five and a half years. The court heard how the victim had been drinking and became very angry when his girlfriend Geraldine Roberts told him the youths swore, spat and threw a drink at her earlier that day.

But when Thrower smashed the reinforced glass and began to crawl through the gap, Subeir hit him twice on the head and once on the shoulder with the axe and Halliburton stabbed him repeatedly in the back with a knife.

The victim emerged from the bin chute covered in blood, staggering, holding the axe before he collapsed and died from a stab to the heart.

A ranting inebriate is not match for a knife and axe wielded by young and fit teenagers. She was one of a number of residents who had called to alert police who arrived within minutes.

Afterwards, all the defendants scattered - according to them, because they thought they would not be believed.

When he was apprehended, he gave a false name. Subeir, of Uxbridge, and Halliburton and Osman, both of Hayes, had all denied murder. Rio Julienne-Clarke, 21, stabbed Dwayne Simpson in the heart after he intervened when he saw a friend being chased along Brixton Road.

Simpson, 20, a former student at Lambeth College, followed JulienneClarke in his car on the afternoon of February 25 before getting out and confronting him.

Julienne-Clarke then stabbed him multiple times in an alleyway, the court heard. Paramedics arrived soon afterwards and took him to hospital but he died two days later from his injuries.

Rhianna Addison, 19, of Shakespear Road, Brixton, was acquitted of assisting an offender and perverting the course of justice.

Two other people - a year-old woman and an year-old man - remain on bail after being arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

Detective inspector Nathan Eason, who led the investigation, said: The crackdown is seen by opponents as the latest act of authoritarian excess by Erdogan, who in August moved to the post of president after over a decade as prime minister.

Everything is lawful and in line with procedure The margin was very slim, with The regional government polling unit surveyed 1, people in Catalonia from December 9 to December He argued that the detention of journalists was nothing unusual, referring to the arrests in Britain over the phone-tapping scandal that rocked the tabloid press there.

A court on Friday also remanded in custody on terrorism charges the head of the proGulen Samanyolu TV, Hidayet Karaca, and three police officers, although the editor-in-chief of Erdogan: God willing, no one will remember the era of the organisation of the assassins.

Seven other suspects were also released pending trial. It remains doubtful that Washington will show any inclination to extradite Gulen, who has lived in the United States since , to face trial in Turkey.

Supporters see the Gulen movement as a modern and forward-thinking Islamic-rooted group although some critics claim it has the makings of a cult.

He said that Turkey had taken in 1. The delicate caesarean operation was conducted in the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, where the woman had arrived on October 21, 23 weeks into her pregnancy.

The Ansa news agency reported that the year-old had suffered a sudden brain haemorrhage. She was kept on artificial life support until doctors judged that the fetus she was carrying had a good chance of surviving on its own.

The newborn, weighing 1. Railways, airports and industrial sites added to the cacophony. The EEA estimated that environmental noise caused up to 10, premature deaths in Europe every year.

More than , cases of hypertension could be traced to noise, which it said raises risks of insomnia and heart disease.

The World Health Organisation also says that noise is an under-estimated threat. The report called for better planning ranging from preserving quiet areas in cities to less noisy tyres on cars.

Field interaction C laims of attempted bribery in a critical presidential vote have stirred a political storm in debt-laden Greece ahead of a parliamentary ballot to elect a head of state.

Fuelling the turmoil, two independent lawmakers rumoured to be close to radical leftist party Syriza insinuated that other colleagues had been bribed.

A total of votes are again required in a second vote on Tuesday. Syriza has declined to front a candidate for president. The letter describes an investigation that was launched in September into accounts dating back to A general treasurer has resigned since then.

It also detected significant foreground emission from diffuse material in our Galaxy which, although a nuisance for cosmological studies, is extremely important for studying the birth of stars and other phenomena in the Milky Way.

This image shows the intricate link between the magnetic field and the structure of the interstellar medium along the plane of the Milky Way.

In particular, the arrangement of the magnetic field is more ordered along the Galactic plane, where it follows the spiral structure of the Milky Way.

Small clouds are seen just above and below the plane, where the magnetic field structure becomes less regular. The Vatican has said it would consider requests.

He has also said he would not hesitate to resign for health reasons, as did his predecessor, former pope Benedict XVI. Donkey dies after being crushed by fat man AFP Madrid A n overweight man was on Wednesday charged with animal abuse in southern Spain after a young donkey died three days after he sat on it at an outdoor Nativity scene.

A photo widely circulating on social media show the portly man, who wore a blue shirt and green pants, grinning as he poses on the donkey with one hand on his hip and the other hanging on to the wooden fence that was meant to keep him out.

Two days later the donkey was taken to a vet after local residents contacted Lucena town hall to say that the animal was not able to stand, the animal rights groups said.

The donkey died the following day. Show humanity and intelligence. Both the European Union and United States adopted tighter restrictions on investments in Crimea this week, while Canada ratcheted up its own sanctions directed at Moscow.

Foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said the Putin: Efforts to restart peace talks between Kiev and separatists fell through on Friday, according to the separatists, despite fresh mediation by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Russia retaliated to earlier sanctions by limiting food imports from a range of Western countries. Kiev and its Western backers accuse Moscow of fanning violence in Ukraine and arming the rebels.

Moscow denies the accusa- tions and says it annexed Crimea only after the referendum showed most residents wanted it to become part of Russia.

Several rebel commanders have said they would not be ready until at least tomorrow or Tuesday. A Skype video conference between the sides on Friday failed to resolve the dispute.

Both leaders are this weekend expected to hold their third teleconference with Putin and Poroshenko in the space of a week.

Poroshenko argues that the money is being stolen by the insurgents and used to pay guerrillas and foreign mercenaries.

Yury Borisov also indicated that Paris should make a decision before the new year. Previously, German law banned images of sex with minors, but not all images of those pictured in lewd poses.

The legislative change makes the sale of the latter a criminal offence. Sebastian Edathy, 45, a former government legislator, told a Berlin news conference on Thursday that his ownership of such images had been legal at the time, adding that he would not plead guilty at a trial scheduled for next year.

He resigned his parliamentary seat in February, but controversy continues over whether he was tipped off by high-ranking officials weeks in advance of police searches of his home and offices.

The legislative change aims to end uncertainty about the legality of lewd images of minors. Justice Minister Heiko Maas said: The bill also extends the statute of limitations for serious sexual abuse of a minor until the victim turns France, which is struggling economically, is faced with a tough decision: This picture taken on Thursday shows Russian sailors waiting to board the training ship Smolny, near a Mistral warship, prior to leaving Saint-Nazaire harbour.

The sailors had been training to operate the controversial Mistral-class warship built by France for Russia. Seized by the authorities, the children were most commonly placed in homes or in farms, where they were forced to work on the land or as servants.

Abuse was widespread, said Mader. He was eight years old. The text, which will now be put to a vote within the next two or three years, requests that payments be made to the some 20, victims who are still alive.

Last year, Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga made a formal apology to the victims on behalf of the state of Switzerland, but made no proposal of reparations.

By the time the policy ended, child labour on farms was also no longer a necessity thanks to the mechanisation of agriculture.

Whether the initiative for compensation succeeds remains to be seen. Some politicians, particularly on the right, are reticent.

US Congresswoman Doctors seek arrest of BJP lawmaker, boycott work Chilly day in Delhi, fog disrupts train movement Bankers to strike work for five days in January Congress president Sonia Gandhi, admitted to a hospital in New Delhi for an infection in the lower respiratory tract, is feeling better, a hospital statement said yesterday, adding that her medication would continue.

Swaroop also clarified that speculations contrary to this, in certain sections of media, are entirely false and unwarranted.

Gandhi was admitted under the care of Arup Kumar Basu, senior consultant and chairman of respiratory medicine and he is leading a team of doctors who are closely monitoring her.

According to doctors, the problem is quite common in the winter season. Gabbard arrived in India on an official invite.

On Friday, doctors in government hospitals across the state had boycotted work for two hours. The weather is likely to remain similar today, the Met Office said.

The maximum and minimum temperatures are likely to hover around 18 and 7 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature settled a notch below the average at 7.

According to a railway official, 55 trains coming to Delhi were running late while 36 trains leaving the national capital were rescheduled due to fog.

No train was cancelled. It will be followed by four days continuous strike from January and an in-definite strike from March 16 onwards.

The traditionally fractious parliament has been stalled once more by political rows that have hindered efforts by the new right-wing government to enact reforms and revive the stuttering economy.

Stormy scenes in parliament under the previous left-leaning Congress government also hindered economic reform efforts. This year, the government hopes growth will accelerate to 5.

But to capture this investment opportunity, India needs to slash red tape, liberalise the economy, speed decision-making and become a more business-friendly destination, analysts say.

The government tabled the long-awaited goods-and-services tax GST harmonising varying state levies to create a single internal market.

The legislation will be debated in the next session of parliament and the government aims to implement the new tax in April The government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which was elected in May, is seeking to step up the pace of reforms after criticism from business it was not moving ahead swiftly enough.

If Jaitley thinks he has seen the best of Trinamool, he is wrong. Insurance Bill is not a reform. It is only being touted as a reform.

A memorandum of understanding MoU would also be inked with the Goa government to promote tourism along the KR route in the state, Prabhu said at a function organised by KR at the Karmali railway station, a short distance from Panaji.

The chief minister had in detail explained the reason V M Sudheeran: Bowing to pressure from various quarters, the Kerala government has decided that Sundays will no longer be dry days and the closed bars can serve wine and beer.

The Congress-led United Democratic Front allowed the Oommen Chandy cabinet to make the necessary changes, but demanded that the fundamentals of the policy - to implement prohibition in Kerala in a phased manner by October 2, - should not be touched.

Ever since Sudheeran took over as president, there has been a realignment of factions within the party in Kerala with a huge majority in the party rallying behind Chandy and very few left with Sudheeran.

The matter is expected to clear up tomorrow when the parliamentary party of the Congress meets. A diplomat at the centre of a bitter row with the United States has been stripped of her duties over unauthorised statements to media, a government source and reports said yesterday.

She had denied the charge and subsequently returned to India, but the incident triggered fury in New Delhi and led to the resignation of then US ambassador Nancy Powell.

Reports yesterday said Khobragade has been removed from her current post in the foreign ministry for an unauthorised media interview and for not disclosing that her children held US passports.

The action comes a week after the mother-of-two spoke to NDTV news channel about her arrest and strip search in New York.

Besides, the minister said in a bid to engage the local community in the four coastal states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala, through which the KR route passes, a formal arrangement could be worked out with the state governments to train local residents in tourism activity.

Elaborating, Prabhu said rickshaw and auto-drivers who operate near Konkan Railway stations could be trained as tourist guides so that they could ferry around railway passengers and also help them as part-time guides.

The row between the two countries saw weeks of feisty exchanges that strained bilateral ties and left resentment on both sides.

Through the Electricity Amendment Bill, tabled Friday, the government proposes to introduce stricter penalties for failing to meet renewable purchase obligation RPO targets.

Under the RPO system, the state power distribution companies have to mandatorily purchase electricity generated through renewable energy sources during the year.

The proposed changes will also introduce the renewable generation obligation RGO , which will make it compulsory for thermal power producers to generate electricity through renewables.

The state has an member assembly. BJP, the exit poll says, is likely to emerge as the second largest party with projected seats being in the range of seats.

The ruling National Conference is projected to only win seats. Earlier, braving the winter chill, an astounding over 1.

The tenure of the Jammu and Kashmir assembly is six years. Bani constituency in Kathua recorded the highest turnout of In Jharkhand, more than 2.

Of the 16 seats, seven were reserved for Scheduled Tribes. A hardline group linked to the BJP was accused of converting some 50 slum-dwelling Muslim families about a week ago in the Taj Mahal city of Agra.

It was later called off by Hindu groups. Critics say Hindu hardline groups have become more emboldened since the BJP was elected, stoking religious tensions.

Modi, who spent his early years in a Hindu hardline nationalist group, has made no public comment on religious issues since becoming premier.

He was himself accused of failing to curb antiMuslim riots that claimed at least 1, lives when he was chief minister of Gujarat state.

First official talks are scheduled for January. The men are hailed as national heroes in Havana, which says they were not spying on Washington but rather on Cuban exile groups determined to attack the island.

The majority of those arrested were either Mexican or Colombian, and many had entered the country as tourists, some with fake names, Caraballo said.

As part of the negotiations, the FARC has already agreed to put an end to the illegal drugs trade. Not even the family of Rolando Sarraff Trujillo appears to know what has happened to the Cuban man believed by some to be the US informant secretly freed in a prisoner swap between Cuba and the United States that was announced on Wednesday.

The talks only just re-started after being suspended when the FARC captured an army general who headed an antirebel task force in the junglecovered region of Choco, their highest-ranking captive ever.

Sarraff would have been able to help the United States break that code. The press has got it wrong. Rolando and I studied together.

I am the cryptologist. Bill Richardson, a former US ambassador to the United Nations, said he knew nothing of it when he visited the island in to try to win the release of Alan Gross.

The Chihuido dam will add megawatts to the electricity market, provide water for human and industrial consumption, as well as help control water levels of the Neuquen River, the statement said.

In , he scrapped the plan and authorized drilling after the proposal brought in a fraction of what he had sought.

The group of German legislators earlier this month had at- tempted to visit the Yasuni to observe oil operations, talk to activists opposing the drilling, and see how German funds were being used.

Correa blocked their trip. The funds for Yasuni had not yet been disbursed, and the money for the other projects will be returned in coming days, Patino said.

Ecuador in recent years has halted a number of international cooperation agreements, particularly with the US, citing the need to defend its sovereignty.

The prime minister stressed that the government was working on development and relief projects at a speedy pace.

Meanwhile, Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain yesterday said that the whole nation is united against terrorism which Pakistani children arrive at their school in Peshawar yesterday, after three days of mourning for the children and staff killed by Taliban militants in an attack on an army-run school.

Nawaz Sharif Mamnoon Hussain will be eliminated from the country at all costs. He said this while on a visit to Peshawar where over students and teachers were killed during a barbaric attack by the Taliban on the Army Public School on Tuesday.

Talking to the media, he said the Peshawar tragedy united the nation and those who had any soft corner for the terrorists in the past were also now stressing the need for their complete elimination to make the country safe, Radio Pakistan reported.

He said Pakistan is the only country in the world which suffered heavy losses in the war against terrorism. He said the ongoing Operation Zarb-e-Azb is proceeding successfully and would eliminate terrorists completely.

While responding to a question, the president said new laws were being framed to dispose of terrorism cases quickly.

He said both the countries have agreed not to allow their soil to be used against the other. He was accompanied by his wife. The president spoke to the students and lauded their courage.

He expressed satisfaction over the treatment being given to them. They also held a reference for the victims of the deadly attack. Nation put on red alert The whole of Pakistan was yesterday put on red alert and educational institutions of security forces closed down following the initiation of process of hanging terrorists and radio intercepts of top Taliban terrorist leaders hinting at activation of suicide attackers.

Official sources here say big cities of the Punjab province, including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Multan are said to be the target of terrorists.

Security forces have been directed to beef up security as a backlash of sending several convicted terrorists to the gallows is expected.

Two were executed Friday night and their pictures showing them hanged published in newspapers yesterday. After different intelligence information and interception of a call to another terrorist leader, security has been put on red alert in the major cities of the country, especially in Punjab, the sources said.

The decoding of the intercept suggests that some suicide bombers may have been assigned to carry out terrorist acts. Security arrangements have been made and general precautions taken.

Seven dead as military hits rebel hideouts Pakistan, Afghanistan to carry out co-ordinated operations IANS Islamabad AFP Islamabad S even people including a policeman and paramilitary soldier were killed in two separate incidents when Pakistani security forces hit militant hideouts in the restive northwest yesterday morning, officials said.

Comments by Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz came after Pakistani forces stepped up actions against the militants in the border region and killed nearly 50 militants in two days.

It warned that civilian casualties were expected to exceed 10, by the end of the year, making it the deadliest year for noncombatants since the organisation began issuing its authoritative reports in An unverified Twitter account of the Pakistan defence ministry stated early yesterday: Pakistan army chief, General Raheel Sharif, rushed to Afghanistan Wednesday a day after a group of Taliban militants killed nearly over people, mostly children, in an attack on a military-run school in Peshawar.

Some sources said Pakistani security officials had intercepted telephonic conversation of the Afghanistan-based militants who were giving instructions to the school attackers.

Security officials said that senior Pakistani Taliban commanders, including their chief Maulvi Fazallulah, operate from the Afghan side of the border.

Kabul has never admitted Pakistani Taliban have taken shelter in Afghanistan. He said Pakistani and Afghan officials would meet within two weeks to discuss measures for effective border control, adding that Pakistan was the country worst affected by terrorism in the world.

Mumbai attack mastermind must not be set free: UN Taliban chief killed? The two militants hanged on Friday in central Punjab province were Aqil, who was convicted for an attack on the army headquarters in Rawalpindi in , and Arshad Mehmood who was convicted for his involvement in a assassination attempt on former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf.

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Admirers call him a human rights champion and critics denounce him as a traitor. Democrats passed sweeping reforms of the healthcare system and the financial sector in which, whatever their merits, imposed wrenching changes on two pillars of the United States' post-industrial economy.

Lauren has the morals of an alley cat. Let her run off into the sunset with Simon and his harem. But the boy stays in New York - with his father - where he belongs.

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Friday that Soulik was at sea about miles southeast of Yilan county in northeastern Taiwan. The typhoon has winds of mph, which is equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane.

Do you know each other? The junior completed 21 of 31 passes for yards and two touchdowns, but he also threw an interception and fumbled early in the fourth quarter on the last of two sacks.

There are fields of oats and barley in front of the house, bordered by terraces of lavender, and not a house in view. Shares in Nasdaq closed down 3.

How much were you paid in your last job? I've done it before and it was pointless and I got in more trouble than the person who hurt me. Did you go to university?

Only one has ever tried fishing before, though their teacher Paul Thompson is keen: I'm on work experience http: I'm sorry, he's purchase celecoxib "Thousands of individuals use compounded drugs each day," said Jason Clark, spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

I live in London http: I'd like to send this to http: Now, however, it is this simple for the Yankees: They need to sweep the Red Sox in Boston, nothing short of it, if they are to restore some energy in the Bronx and legitimize their chances.

I know that's front stage and center, but it's every position, everything that we do. And it could be discussing schemes, different approaches to training camp.

I think you have noticed that we changed our schedule around a little bit. We used to work together http: CB Corey Webster hamstring will miss a fourth straight game.

DE Demontre Moore is doubtful with a hamstring. DT Linval Joseph, who missed the Eagles with a high ankle sprain, returns. Stolen credit card http: Also, for these highly anxious parents, I am not sure it will be reassuring.

It might be alarming, in fact. We must not reduce the bosom of the universal church to a nest protecting our mediocrity," he said.

Have you got a telephone directory? Yet, employment growth in August came in below Wall Street's expectations.

When Kerry said the council "must" impose measures under Chapter VII, Lavrov interrupted to point out that the agreed text says only it "should" impose penalties.

NationalHurricane Center said in its latest advisory. That would make it the first euro zone state to exit an aidprogramme, providing a much-needed success story for theEuropean Union.

Could you ask him to call me? He says that lower-dose tenofovir is not likely to come on to the market for several years and its price is not known.

Wonderfull great site http: Second, more or less unrestricted immigration. Third, failure to address peak oil and its implications.

Fourth, over-reliance on military keynesianism, often accompanied by outright aggression and subversion of other nations: All at immense cost.

Fifth, a willful effort to dumb-down the general population through a complicit media and a carefully crafted policy of economic restrictions on education.

Sixth, a failure to provide for the aging of the population. Seventh, a failure to address the terrible costs of privatized health care, and much else that should be in the public sector from jails to street construction.

Eighth, a bizarre and ideological form of financial and business deregulation and turning a blind eye to the political corruption fostered thereby.

I'm sorry, I'm not interested http: My point is political. What sort of music do you like? Haddad said the "Friday of Anger" would kick off following afternoon prayers.

I'm a member of a gym http: I'd like to tell you about a change of address http: I want to make a withdrawal http: We're at university together http: It was a mistake.

And all of that has been called into question by this situation. I'll call back later http: Pick a Thomas, either Thomas, on the Broncos, and they can undress defenders with quick open-field moves.

At the same time, its liquidfunds shrank by almost 29 percent to I'd like a phonecard, please http: A few months http: Have you read any good books lately?

I have my goals, I haven't achieved all the goals I wanted within the grands prix. I thought it would be a bit easier to climb on the podium.

I was born in Australia but grew up in England http: Neither paper returned requests for comment. I came here to study http: How can such a sweet little thing produce such an evil stench?

Once the fresh nappy is on, mercifully the snivelling disappears. The momentary bliss is interrupted by a loud yelp emanating from the other twin.

Her bellowing continues for the next hour or so. This is beyond exhausting! I'd like , please http: A meteor that scientists estimate weighed 10 tons 11 tons streaked at supersonic speed over Russia's Ural Mountains on Friday, setting off blasts that injured some people and frightened countless more.

The prospect of a government shutdown or, worse, default on the federal debt, rekindles memories of when Washington's infighting prompted the loss of the United States' triple-A credit rating and was a primary driver behind the stock market's last full-on correction.

What's the current interest rate for personal loans? For the flu season, the influenza vaccine is made up of three separate strains: There is a new quadravalent or four-virus vaccine but it is not widely used.

What qualifications have you got? Regeneron is Bayer's partner onEylea. Lewis broke his fibula on Thursday against Detroit.

This gamehas certainly brought them into a new category. Many individuals, at different times, have been called "the most powerful man in Hollywood" -- Geffen was for a generation.

He's been a confidant of high-ranking Democrats, as well as a philanthropist for medicine, the arts, and AIDS research. He was a millionaire before he was 30 and a billionaire by He tries to avoid replays of the towers crashing on television.

His escapes come when his son is on the field, as he will be again on Thursday night, 12 years after the towers fell.

He laughs at the Butt Fumble replays and looks back through the photos in his kitchen. Redshirt junior Brandon Connette assumed the position under center.

Bigger is not always better, unless you taste with your wallet. And the rosemary was actually thyme, which puzzled me, since they are not interchangeable — thyme is sweetish, and it's a rare prawn that can stand up to that.

The meat was OK, but not tremendous; or perhaps it was tremendous, underneath the sauce. Some Syrian rebel groups, which are predominantly Sunni, have threatened to strike in Lebanon after Hezbollah joined Syrian President Bashar Assad's troops in their battle against opposition fighters.

The friend I was with was robbed twice. I generally think of the world as a safe place: There is that ability to boot into the Ubuntu desktop, yes, but even Microsoft, with a gargantuan share of the PC market, has never been able to make a converged device work.

To really succeed, Canonical is going to need to generate an app ecosystem that ties together the best of mobile Android and desktop Ubuntu.

Sometimes you play by the book and you miss opportunities. It's been an enlightening situation for me. One of the things that I want to try to do is to make sure we are in the best position to win.

And the other realization is kicking field goals is obviously not good enough. He no longer owns the site, but does own up to the shortcoming.

But I know we have a responsibility to. Could you tell me the dialing code for? Who would I report to? I do believe it is a lifestyle choice they were unaware of rather than a disease.

Better life style choices for the majority of the population, rather than expecting somebody to cure them with a pill are more important.

If more meditated, exercised and ate a more healthy diet we wouldn't have such an epidemic. The right type of praying works wonders, especially if you use Emile Coues approach.

The moving average represents a measure of the near-term trendin the market. Once the index falls convincingly below theday moving average, investors often will sell shares.

I think about the weekend spent at the Cornbury Music Festival, the children running around with animal-shaped helium balloons.

Can you put it on the scales, please? Robert Hudson Tannahill, the late Detroit art collector, donated objects, but his will stipulates that if the DIA sells any piece, the entire collection must be offered to another museum, Erickson said.

Investors will eye theminutes for any clues into the timing of possible trimming ofstimulus measures. This pegsits first-half figure at 1. But, if you want to give Pressy a shot, the asking price isn't much.

Could I borrow your phone, please? It is partnering with Google to enable its staff and volunteers to take footage with the equipment.

Of those, 7, fled the Syrian civil war, 7, political oppression in Eritrea and 3, violence in Somalia. I've got a very weak signal http: I enjoy travelling http: But too many of us seem to have stopped baking with our kids.

One of the many brilliant things about doing The Great British Bake Off is that I get hundreds of tweets, lots of them from university students who watch the programme and then try to make bread for the first time.

But I always wonder why have they had to wait so long to find out how you do it? It is also looking for a permanentnonexecutive chairman to succeed Ralph Whitworth, who holds theposition on an interim basis.

A Second Class stamp http: BP has estimated just 3. Both sides acknowledged that , barrels of oil collected in cleanup will be excluded from the final amount.

The line's engaged http: The first involves a friend who works in 'job activation' in the greater Cork area. He said last week he's frustrated at the attitude of some people, mainly young, when he proposes they accept a so-called pathway to work.

I'd like to cancel this standing order http: Sexual morals may be changing, but forgive voters if they don't want a mayor's giblets and sex chats antics shoved in their faces.

Other actual New York City mayors — well, one, Giuliani — have been similarly audacious with their sexual promiscuity. It's a distraction at best.

If Weiner needs the release of internet chatting to satisfy his sexual urges, he ought to understand that until he decides that his behavior is not wrong and is willing to make a case for that, and until the public catches up with that, he either has to stop cold turkey or show enough respect to his constituents by figuring out how not to get caught in the damn act.

Do you know the number for? Whatever the reasoning BT are following the money trail and its only when you did deeper the cracks appear.

Do you play any instruments? This relatively thin covering would always be overwhelmed by the internal stresses in the massive ice shelf.

How much does the job pay? Aeropostale had a "negative" outlook for thethird quarter and said it expects that to continue due to thecompetitive teen retail environment.

Its A-share listing has surged nearly 60 percentsince Aug. On Wednesday, its H-share listing was flat. One of those generating plants is the Indian Point Energy Center, the 2,megawatt nuclear plant located 35 miles north of midtown.

Cuomo insists it be shut down, and he may soon get his wish. The company plans to boost that production to million tonnes in the financial year to fulfil demand from China and other Asian economies.

Could I order a new chequebook, please? Senate in scuttled his effort to pass a federal law that would, among other things, have set a cap on greenhouse gas emissions.

But UAE banks are very well capitalised by internationalstandards - some have capital adequacy ratios near 20 percent ofrisk-weighted assets - so any trouble in Turkey appears unlikelyto pose a major threat to them.

Regatta director Ian Murray said helicopters were monitoring the racing area for sea life that could disrupt racing. After all, what this President says and what he does are often very different.

Lien, the year-old director of an e-commerce firm, was beaten in front of his wife and 2-year-old daughter on his first wedding anniversary.

Do you have any exams coming up? The statement added that medical experts have given him the green light to set to go forward with a theatrical tour of New Zealand.

Now they've carried over their success into the Chase and are a credible threat to give Toyota its first Sprint Cup title.

Alex Kozinski, chief judge of the 9th U. Circuit Court of Appeals, said in a statement Tuesday that Coke was an admired and respected professional working in a highly challenging area of the law who performed her duties with fairness and integrity.

What do you want to do when you've finished? They also pointed to Alexander's appointment as election co-ordinator as proof of political balance.

He has taken over from Tom Watson, who quit in the wake of the row over the Falkirk parliamentary selection battle. The EFSF's creditworthiness depends on that of the countries that provide its financing, which includes France.

As Nick Folk attempted what could have been a game-winning yard field goal in overtime, Jones pushed a teammate toward the Jets line on the block attempt, drawing a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Folk missed the field goal, but the penalty kept the Jets alive. Brian Albert, a surveillance expert, followed nephew Tim DiSalvo to his worksite in Boston and retrieved a water bottle he drank from and left behind.

It was a match to the samples collected in the Beacon Hill murder, excluding The fungus is found in Europe and North America and no plants are immune to it.

I did question, had we done the right thing? Some of the stories that I read, for those families - that must be hell.

As a result, they do take most of the worry out of choosing a timepiece. If that's true, Mr Osborne's advisers say, why is the economy growing now, despite the continued fiscal squeeze?

And why has the domestic side of the economy been doing OK all this time, with the big drag on the economy coming from the rest of the world?

Can I take your number? That bizarre spectacle was repeated by New Zealand on Tuesday and by Luna Rossa on Thursday to get credit for a race that Artemis, still working on a new boat, forfeited.

The pull-out byUralkali in July threatened to push potash prices down 25percent - a real blow to Belarus's fragile economy.

It is embroiled in a judicialinvestigation over its purchase of a rival in andloss-making trades in derivatives which it made after that deal.

George's legal counsel has had death threats, the police chief of Sanford, many people have had death threats," Robert Zimmerman said. Recruit an executive chairman who has the maturity and experience as a former CEO to coach and guide a new chief executive who meets most but not all the criteria.

That will give the new CEO time to expand his or her capabilities without putting the company at risk of losing sight of the big picture or the business fundamentals.

Many also received equity grants totaling 1 to 2 percent of thecompany, the recruiter added. At his last scan in April, there was no sign of any tumor in his brain.

In Merck's trial, the most common side effects of the drug include fatigue, fevers, skin rash, loss of skin color and muscle weakness.

But so far, Scannell has had none. The radiation was difficult. But the marvelous thing about the immunotherapy is no side effects.

No loss of appetite. The fire is burning some four miles away from the reservoir which serves some 2. That was down from 2.

At the last event, in July, dozens of people were trampled and several were gored, including one American tourist who had to have his spleen removed.

Even if you believe the British government goes round bumping off its employees in cold blood, killing David Kelly would simply not have been in its interest.

It was guaranteed to create a scandal and a crisis, as anyone with an iota of sense would have known.

Senate colleague, President Obama. It has 90 chapters worldwide and tries to raise awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and works to develop and implement measures to tackle it.

The App store had only apps. These had a rating of either no star or one star with the review of "Does not work". Then, in about 12 months of buying the phone Microsoft dumped the app store for 6.

Based on my experience I will never buy a Windows phone or even use one if it was free! There are a number of areas where we believe Ofcom havenot fully recognised the costs of providing services," BT saidin a statement on Thursday.

What do you do? The curfew especially has choked Cairo's bustling night life and the revenue of many businesses, hotels and restaurants.

He gave me a split and then I chased that fastball up. I was just trying to help my squad there. It sucks to be in this spot and the sting hurts real bad right now.

There was a lot of interest there. She had the living room sofa. Sometimes when she got there, a young singer named Bob Dylan, who was dating one of her roommates, would be strumming on his guitar.

It was up to councils to decide whether publish the upgrade maps, he added. Our decisions should be guided solely by what is most likely to reduce the number of assaults and to bring justice to victims.

Everyone agrees that we need to hold our military leaders accountable if they fail to act. But it's hard to hold someone accountable if you take away their authority to act.

Our legislation makes clear that there is no more important mission for our military than the fight against sexual assault, and it gives them the strongest, most effective weapons to win that fight.

From a pilot's perspective, this is nearly a non-issue. They make for good television, but this is far down the list of nightmares for pilots. They're also discussing with NASA about what the first real piece that they should print will be.

Could I have an application form? So it means that the government is effectively hostage to all those groups, and hence they're reluctant to take any bold action that could alienate these groups.

In earlier court filings Deen's lawyers said Billips threatened Deen with embarrassing media exposure, made inappropriate comments about the cook and the lawsuit on Twitter and purposefully asked Deen embarrassing questions that weren't relevant to the case during her deposition.

There's no evidence that anything is better than waiting. When NASA measures something with a satellite, an employee on the ground takes the same measurement.

One of the most brutal cases took place in October in an area of Cairo called Maspero. The military ran over some demonstrators with military vehicles at a mainly Coptic Christian rally.

Twenty-seven people were killed, including a military officer. What do you study? And the researchers caution that the singles were generally sicker before their procedures, for example they were more likely to have had a heart attack that prompted the angioplasty.

I'm happy very good site http: I like watching football http: Demand for our homeless and drugs services is growing, yet finances are contracting.

A book of First Class stamps http: Brad believes that a truly successful company begins with its employees and the culture they build together as a team.

Brad is focused on creating a winning culture at YouSendIt by constantly challenging the way people think and how they approach their day-to-day roles at the company.

Recorded Delivery weapon clomid over the counter canada so exceed Randy Jackson said Grace Rwaramba, the nanny to Jackson's kids, somehow snuck a prescription drug patch to the "Thriller" singer during the high-stakes criminal trial, causing the moonwalker to appear "under the influence" in a hospital when he was supposed to be in court.

Wonderfull great site whine applied much does terbinafine cost purchase Cameron said he had had to contend with a huge hole in thepublic finances left behind by Labour, which was in power from to , while suggesting he would try to cut or freezetaxes, and look at "all markets" to ensure they were treatingconsumers fairly.

I'm training to be an engineer http: What do you like doing in your spare time? It doesn't matter who is in the White House, the U.

Look, they are even spying on us,'" said Meacham, who directs the Americas program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

I had more than 40 years of coupledom; to find yourself alone after that is to feel curiously curtailed, as though now you are only a half, no longer a whole.

Within a marriage, everyone needs a degree of solitude, privacy; when you have that all the time you recognise the complex way in which a long relationship can provide independence backed by that sustaining confederacy of two.

Do you need a work permit? At the age of 15, he engaged in sexual activity, the details of which you will be spared, with his 8-year-old stepsister.

He did so again at the age of 16, when she was 9, and again at 18 when she was There are no clear favorites, but speculation in recent days has focused on Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul, who may wind up as a consensus candidate, and Karzai's older brother Quayum, who is a businessman and politician.

Just returned from an incredible trip to Peru with my dad and wanted to thank you all for your support these past few weeks.. How much is a First Class stamp?

Some officials pinpointed Yemen as the main concern. Democrats such as Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts sayfood stamps mitigate hunger in a still-weak economy.

According to its website, it offers "real, wholesome foods in a family-friendly atmosphere at a great value. Every day all the telegrams would be sent to NSA headquarters.

The legality was never fully established. The companies were initially somewhat uneasy about turning over all this information.

But the program just kept rolling along, codenamed Operation Shamrock, until our investigation for the Church Committee.

The boxing champ and his incredible 6-pack was spotted paddle boarding. Speaking of Hayden and the beach It was the highest balance since the second quarter of He wanted to fight back.

He wanted to get strong. His uncle introduced him to a local gym owner and apparent demigod named Joe Bonadona, whose "pecs were like Honeybaked hams," Tortorich writes, describing him as a tough and honest teacher.

Judging by the character and content of "Fitness Confidential," the same could be said of Tortorich, who brings a no-nonsense, rough-and-tumble approach to his guide on getting fit.

He will have two older boys. He has a lot to endure with his family," a source told Yahoo! Everyone that knows LeBron knows it's always based on a decision at that moment.

But if the moment was today, the answer would be no. That's particularly true for residents of states that did not provide much regulation about what types of coverage insurers must provide.

The door did not reopen for four days, when agents found him severely dehydrated and covered in his own feces. LOUIS - In a baseball post-season that so far has been defined largely by young, power pitching, the Cardinals won Game 1 of the NLCS against the Dodgers here by using seven pitchers, five of whom are age 26 or younger.

Take the situation 10 years ago; SAC was a highly secretive cluster of funds, which routinely accounted for 3pc of all the daily trades on the New York Stock Exchange and 1pc of the Nasdaq's.

But its reputation as one of the Street's most important players was not earned from the volume of trades it made.

It got that from its sheer prowess. Large video screens flanking the stage showed footage from the Korean War as well as highlights from major sporting events.

The collection of companies that make up the Washington Post is akin to that of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc, which owns disparate businesses from railroads to underwear as well as a stake in the Post.

Shutdown corner Aqib Talib hip is doubtful. WR Santonio Holmes hamstring misses another game. The Pakistani Taliban has waged a decade-long insurgency against Islamabad from sanctuaries along the Afghan border and also helped the Afghan Taliban in their war against U.

You will have to forfeit any funding you received beyond your freshman year. The question is why — and could things have turned out differently?

Hold the line, please http: Where are you calling from? Before I leave, she tells me about her plans for the next few weeks. After one day off she will begin her five-night run.

Azarenka above , meanwhile, will be aiming to defend both her title and her world No 1 ranking. If Azarenka loses, Williams will take over at the head of the list.

When it comes to the popularity rankings at Melbourne Park, however, Li's place at the top is assured. Insert your card http: On a video, posted on YouTube, bassist Jared Hasselhoffis seen pushing the Russian white-blue-red tricolour into thefront of his pants and then pulling it out of the back.

Punk not dead http: The administration went ahead with the launchdespite a federal government shutdown precipitated by Republicanefforts to delay the healthcare law's implementation.

I work for a publishers http: Get a job http: I knew that I could get past one person, but in the playoffs, you really have to think the game and people are going to throw different strategies and defenses at you almost every game.

Could you ask her to call me? The Lumia is hitting a sweet spot, offering the price and quality that new smartphone buyers are looking for.

If you're a doctor do they pay you? Immoral piece of hypocrite you are aren't you? Must have your "doctorate of buffoonery" Nurse gets paid? Lib theory frequently crashes and burns when it impacts reality and other inconvenient truths.

Under federal law, all cannabis plants fall under the marijuana label, regardless of THC content. People who knew Otis Redding still say he was one of the nicest guys ever to walk through the music business, and while some would say there's little competition for that title, it remains true that everybody loved the Georgia man with the soft touch and a voice that could propel freight trains.

Redding died in a plane crash. How much will it cost to send this letter to? Please call back later spree part nebulizer ventolin convalesce It's a vicious circle, the benefits are for people who make mistakes, who've had tragedy in their lives.

I understand there are a lot of freeloaders out there who just want the benefits because they are lazy.

And so I think themarket will always be skittish in the situation," DeMuth said. Rangeley Capital owns less than 5 percent in Cooper, he said.

I'm retired video can buy ventolin inhaler over counter zigzag On Thursday it said revenue for the first half of was Have you got any qualifications?

Good crew it's cool: There are hundreds of different synthetic drugs out there. They look a lot alike and they are marketed alike.

It does however tick all the boxes that investors like to see — a UK company, closed to new business, enhancing of the dividend policy in the medium term, and acquired at a healthy Where do you study?

You love the one-play touchdown drives, but at the same time, it would have been nice to get a little bit of rhythm. Having said that, we're not going to overreact to something like this and get all crazy.

We'll get through this. Regulatory data on suspicious share price moves ahead of UK mergers and acquisition announcements has been a potential measure of how endemic misconduct such as insider dealing is in London.

A staff restaurant http: It's unique in being pathologized for it. Three-quarters of the upcoming shows are a nonmusical mix of old and new works.

Dynamic duos juice up many of these productions. District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan in court on Tuesday that he would need at least six months to sort through some , documents that are part of the evidence in the case.

The group has itsown website and Facebook page. The United States http: In Beijing for instance, pollution is 20 times the maximum level recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Another big problem is access to water. This multinational wants to develop gas, which today represents only two percent of the energy mix in China.

How do I get an outside line? You can put up to 3 URLs in your comments. Ambulances are also seen at the scene, as well as some protesters being arrested and led away by the troops.

Mali has long suffered from a culture of impunity for all classes of abuses, and this promotion not only sends the wrong signal to would-be perpetrators, but also represents a decisive step backward in the struggle to improve much-needed discipline in the army.

Do you know the address? It has tabled an initiative that offers the Brotherhood a legal fig leaf to give ground by allowing Mursi to sign over his presidential powers to a mutually acceptable prime minister.

El Paso's downtown market is on track to join them later this year. If there was a period of time, even a day, when someone can't transact what he wanted to transact, that memory will last a long time.

That's when you start to see people trying to make sure that they are diversified," he said. Three days later, prosecutors say the brothers shot and killed MIT campus police officer Sean Collier during the start of their frenetic getaway.

Its Rio surgical system includes a robotic armthat helps surgeons with precise insertion of implants.

In April, the regulator said there are more than 9m households using these unbundled lines. So warm, so hospitable.

We went to Mauritius recently, my wife and I, and there were 18 couples from England in our hotel.

And every last one of them said to me at some point: Have you got any experience? He told Reuters last weekthat he could kill a man from 30 feet nine meters away byattacking an implanted heart device.

These measures would ensure that children and young people enjoy reading and will go a long way to getting rid of the idea that it is either an arduous or unnecessary task.

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Appear out of playoff contention? Or, in the worst-case scenario, become a team competing for pingpong balls in the NBA Draft lottery?

At what point will players shift their competitiveness into making a resume tape full of highlight reels at the expense of team play?

He walked two and struck out four. It was the fifth time in his last seven starts that he has held an opponent to two or fewer runs. In eight starts since coming off the disabled list after rehabbing a partial tear in his rotator cuff, Niese has a 3.

The charges say one of the women tried to escape and he assaulted her with a vacuum cord around her neck. He also fathered a daughter with one captive, authorities said.

Is it convenient to talk at the moment? He dialed up four consecutive runs for Ivory during a first-quarter drive last week that picked up a pair of first downs.

Huge gaps exist from one country to another. Sweden, Finland and Spain are approaching 40 percent whereas Hungary, Cyprus and Romania have fewer than 15 percent of women in their parliaments.

Federal Reserve, the U. Securities and Exchange Commission, the U. Over the last 16 years, the program has helped increase that figure to 97 per cent.

I stay at home and look after the children http: I thought it was awesome. Nice to meet you http: A spokeswoman did not elaborate on the year-old executive's new challenge but said he would serve as a senior adviser to the firm.

Could I make an appointment to see? Following in the steps of Kim Kardashian and Miranda Kerr, who were both spotted in plunging necklines earlier in the week, Cara wore this navel-grazing jumpsuit on Friday night.

I can't get a signal clomipramine 10 mg tablets "We are charging airlines more for noisier aircraft, offering insulation and double glazing to local residents and are working with noise campaigners to give people predictable periods of respite from noise.

They also found that white infants slept in bed with their caregivers less often than black or Hispanic infants. More than half of the participants also reported that they did not receive advice from healthcare providers about bed-sharing.

Participants who received healthcare provider advice to not bed-share were more likely to follow that advice. If a healthcare provider was indifferent, the participants were more likely to bed-share.

This distorts the pricing of financial assets, encourages lazy analysis and can set the groundwork for serious misallocation of capital," Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve, said in a speech on Monday.

A packet of envelopes http: I'll text you later http: And that's just not accurate," she toldreporters on a conference call. The bill would have given a four-yearexemption to big retailers already in the District of Columbia.

There's a three month trial period http: The agency said in December that it would have to intervene, effectively taking over the issuing of greenhouse gas permits in the affected states, because the states had failed to act.

Pitching with neck and shoulder discomfort for most of the season, Niese was with a 4. After more than eight years together, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have finally tied the knot.

He's concerned about Mr. Summers' historyof helping to deregulate financial markets," said AndreaHelling, spokeswoman for the Montana Democrat.

Debate over the law stretched on for months, impeding progress on Congress's primary responsibility, which is paving the way to draft a new constitution and hold elections.

It also brought to light a deep divide in the country. The point of this post i The legislation gives the government wide-ranging powers toreview whether such deals are of "net benefit" to the countryand whether they pose a threat to national security.

How much notice do you have to give? Medical staff told the BBC a minority of pastors in England were endangering young church members by putting them under pressure to stop medication.

Healing is central to Pentecostalism, a [ What do you do for a living? I like it a lot http: Sit down and go through her finances. How much is shared accommodation?

If all else fails write off what she owes you, and surely she could move out? Blood may be thicker than water but it is also far messier.

I'm in my first year at university http: Leaf lettuce like romaine and spinach, often the subject of recalls, are harder to clean because of their stalky nature.

Thanks funny site http: I love the theatre http: These are middle schoolers, they're old enough not to stare at the dog all day or bother him," she said.

It will be a great shot in the propaganda arm to show that al-Shabab is a vibrant militant group. Whereabouts are you from? I wanted to explore and investigate that to see if we could come up with new antibiotics.

However, he said this should not prevent the US authorities from making a fresh application. But some, notably Winton, have been trying to develop other programs as well, such as equities trading or predicting the effect of climate on crop prices.

He has also said any larger takeovers would be in life sciences, not plastics. They also found that lower doses produced fewer side effects in general.

I need to charge up my phone http: It expects the shortage of gold to intensify. Demand from China is a major factor, it said. The school removed photographs of Hernandez from the locker room, the team area, the football facility and throughout the stadium.

Intel surged 20 cents or more in a handful of transactions. Smilianets was extradited last September and isexpected to appear in New Jersey Federal court next week.

I'm interested in this position http: That is what happened in , which led to Republican victory in Your account's overdrawn http: Be it sociopolitical or socio-religious, the same strong social components remain.

Do you like it here? Local governments have encouragedlarger firms to acquire stricken assets and minimise job losses. It was a burst of sunshine much needed in the London drizzle.

The debt ceiling showdown hit a stalemate that left the nation with a lowered credit rating. The charity wanted her to simply hug their elite runners crossing the Central Park finish line, but Anderson, who has visited Haiti twice since the devastating disaster, suggested taking it a step further.

Many critics of the collected missives, which have just been published, were intrigued or amused, or dismayed to discover the slushily anthropomorphic names they called each other: A First Class stamp http: Skisales have dwindled to 3.

I've come to collect a parcel http: I work here http: Smith still on the mend from knee injuries and their availability for the start of the season uncertain, Bargnani is under some pressure to provide the Knicks with consistent offense until his teammates come back.

President Barack Obama to carry out military strikes against Assad's forces in response to an August 21 chemical weapons attack on civilians near Damascus.

She is hungry for more medals, which is excellent news for Britain. Will I be paid weekly or monthly? For fiscal ,which begins in February, it is targeting 3 percent to 5 percentgrowth, Chief Financial Officer Charles Holley said at thecompany's meeting with investors and analysts in Arkansas.

Themeeting was also webcast. One of the Kansas patients died, and authorities say hepatitis C, which can cause liver disease and chronic health problems, played a contributing role.

We used to work together arcoxia price Astronomers have captured a sensational high-resolution image of the Andromeda galaxy located 2.

No illustration, no mock-up -- it's the real deal, and it's breathtaking. I'd like to send this parcel to http: Senate Republicans onTuesday appeared to fall in line with their leaders who want topass an emergency spending bill by Sept.

A more reliable electricity supply will create jobs andimprove lives," Kanthan Shankar, the World Bank's countrymanager for Myanmar, said in a statement.

Pleased to meet you http: A few months purchase fluconazole U. But they appear to be on the mend as the United States prepares to pull forces out of Afghanistan in Something urged her to keep going, but it was private property.

Clearly, he is not going to prescribe necessarily the actions individuals should take about that. There's a three month trial period 40mg paxil too much Hopefully, that will make Tim McCarver happy, too.

The Fox announcer seemed even more insufferable than usual over the weekend in San Francisco when he said an All-Star can't be minted in just five weeks, but that if the fans really want the Dodgers' right fielder on the team he won't avert his eyes when Puig is at the plate.

Free medical insurance 40 mg paxil withdrawal "This flow looks a bit suspect to me. It's possible the buyers knew of the deal and put that knowledge to work," said Trade Alert President Henry Schwartz.

But witnesses such as Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi and ex-hitman John Mortorano proved impossible to forget as they spoke coolly of multiple killings.

Please call back later http: One moment, please http: The vote was rescheduled for Friday afternoon. What are the hours of work? Security Council ambassadors to theeastern capital of Goma on Sunday, U.

Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Michigan said. Federal agents raided his multiple offices in the Detroit area and seized his medical records as they continue to build a case against him.

I'm a partner in cheap domperidone The town was grappling with the loss of a Maytagrefrigerator factory, and Obama has often referred to theexperience of meeting with disillusioned workers as he talksabout restoring what he calls the "basic bargain" of theAmerican Dream.

Recorded Delivery domperidone online Icahn has amassed an 8. He has been campaigning to getDell to set a date for the annual shareholder meeting so he canput up his own slate of directors for the company.

But even while the oil industry has been shut down trade has continued to fall. I can't get a signal http: Can I call you back?

The 11 jurors are due to visit the area where Mr Duggan died on Thursday. The panel have been given anonymity and were referred to in court only by numbers.

It had already drawn widespread complaints over food safety. I'd like to take the job http: Sorry, I ran out of credit http: It's unlikely Facebook would jump in and overwhelm the Instagram user experience with ads right away.

There are no photos of me or anyone in my family in my albums. Slurpee sales, as well as sales of other 7-Eleven items, spike July 11 each year, Time.

The free slurpee draws customers into the store on a grand scale, and people tend to buy small snacks to go with their free drinks.

And, in many cases, the small taste of Slurpee has them coming back for a larger size. It's funny goodluck http: There is a high-security part of the Orbe prison, but the two prisoners were not in it.

We'd like to offer you the job http: Yet following a statewide wage hike in , they could only afford to hire less than half that original number.

Jonny was here http: Children with disabilities http: The company has made its mark through sales via social networking sites but this month began also selling phones through China Mobile, the company with the most mobile subscribers in the world and which has been wooed by Apple.

Tognum is a joint venture with Daimler that owns a number of German marine and industrial engine brands. Stripping out this consolidation, revenues were still up an impressive 9pc.

Lee Partners and Bain Capital. I'm a housewife http: Now that argument appears to be over - at least for now. I'm interested in this position sildenafil citrate mg The U.

But a short-termsolution should be met with short-term enthusiasm," analysts atNomura wrote in a client note. We'd like to invite you for an interview http: Egypt will not surrender to American pressure and is continuing its path towards democracy as set by the roadmap," he told the Radio FM station.

I've been through pretty much everything you can think of," Young said. Your cash is being counted http: I've got a full-time job http: Since then, they've been planning for this big adventure, and what an adventure it's been.

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Poor Me is a magazine dedicated to people who see themselves as victims. Read the new Trump-Comey edition — their thickest issue to date.

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Disturbing facts proving that major news sources have changed their stories and altered images to hoodwink an unsuspecting public have been made available by anonymous sources, current and former officials, and sources close to Rachel Maddow.

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One great thing about this book is that the author discusses some of the problems that we have faced in recent years due to failing to follow the Constitution and the principles of the Founders.

Some of these are issues like the mounting national debt, excessive taxation, and judicial activism. Also does a great job of explaining the political spectrum and the absurdities of the left-right labeling so often used in discourse today.

Suffice it to say, this is an amazing book that should be read by all. Articles of Confederation Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union between the states.

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Las actividades de los casinos online son reguladas por autoridades de licencias de juegos de azar online. New casinos may soon come up in Chile as a tendering process is underway.

Over 48 applications have been received for 17 licenses and 17 casinos may thus come up, if the applications are approved.

However while 40 were accepted in December , the story took a new turn when Thunderbird gaming, whose 6 licenses were rejected, decided to take legal action.

The process has been suspended for the time being. Renaissance represented the Road to Tara Museum.

Renaissance was also responsible for the publication of The Doors: A Pictorial History by the members and families of the band.

Professional Vegas Style Event Equipment If you are just in the market for a casino style party, and you want to simply rent casino equipment we can offer you that and more.

Casino online 1 hora gratis. The Lottery is to Thank smartphones who want scratch-off casino about the re requires that the Lottery will contact of that system.

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Aparte del dise o tradicional y cl sico de los juegos poker gratis online existe algo nuevo y excitante. En particular, uno de los ltimos desarrollos en el juego de poker online es la tendencia de un mejoramiento continuo que avale la tecnolog a de avanzada.

Por ejemplo, el Poker3 por Betsoft ofrece gr ficas cinematogr ficas 3D adem s de una incre ble calidad. Asimismo, las caracter sticas de Poker3 brindan una experiencia realista disponible en la comodidad de su propia sala de estar.

Otro gran ejemplo el software de Crupier en Vivo desarrollado por Amaya, que le permite vivir su propia experiencia de casino en vivo directamente online.

Puede elegir entre Crupier en Vivo europeos o asi ticos y jugar cuando desee practicar sus habilidades en el juego.

Yeah, the odds might be against you. Do you really want to pass on the opportunity to win hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

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La promozione attiva per tutti i nuovi giocatori che si iscrivono per la prima volta. Disfruta de la Ruleta Online Gratis.

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U bent nu hier: Homepage Casino Speeltips Gratis speelgeld in casino. Solo tiene que elegir el juego el que quieres practicar y probar todas tus estrategias mientras desarrolla un modo de juego.

In maart werd bekend gemaakt door de Kansspelcommissie dat ze beslag hebben gelegd op de Belgische bankrekeningen van een illegaal online casino dat al sinds op de Blacklist staat.

Hier door heeft de Kansspelcommissie nu ook een overzicht van de bankrekening gegevens van illegale spelers die nog steeds online gokken bij deze kansspelwebsite.

Onlangs is bekend geworden dat de Kansspelcommissie een schikking heeft getroffen met deze partij en dat alle boete s worden terug betaald aan de spelers.

This player centric casino has a great reputation amongst its members, with a solid grasp of what their players want. To stay engaged with their clientele 32Red host slot tournaments, and constantly reward loyal members with incentives such as Ruby Red Rewards and VIP Club Rouge for high rollers.

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El pro obvio es que los jugadores pueden interactuar con los crupieres reales de carne y hueso mientras disfrutan de su experiencia de jugar.

Ya que puede variar mucho la experiencia de juego dependiendo del casino en vivo que elijas y los crupieres o las crupieres que armonicen el juego.

Juegue en si movil. The most basic liability protection from myBekins is completely free and will replace or repair any item of a specified amount of size.

This rate does vary based on location, but you can speak with a consultant to verify beforehand. Alternatively, you can choose to have full replacement coverage to cover all of your household items within the truck during transit.

William Hill ist lizensiert und wird reguliert von der Gambling Comission Nummer: Full William Hill Casino Review. In Bezug auf Klausel 4: Vergeude am casino online 888 keine Zeit und melde dich schnell an! Letztendlich ist es so, dass es zu einer tollen Casino Atmosphäre kommt. Nur für neue Kunden. If you Beste Spielothek in Rohr finden not find it, just a phone call or Beste Spielothek in Dreisendorf finden them should casino berlin poker you to get the list of representatives on site. On the night of the shooting, the couple and three friends decided to go to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie. Nomads consider the temper of the natives, how well they are camouflaged as natives, and whether Beste Spielothek in Neurisshof finden for grazing are better elsewhere. Xbox Game Pass will add games to and www.schalke04 remove games from its catalog every month, which means you can always find something new and exciting to play. The forum link is above the main menu. 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The authority has urged commuters travelling on Al Rayyan Road towards Souq Waqif to use an alternative route. All the five accused were on their way to the court in police vans, when. This is about the lowest amount that you can generally use your credit card or debit card for. However yawningstretching and in some novask severe nausea and vomiting limited its use. You can likewise expand your wings far and wide and can even get the chance www.schalke04 speak to your organization to universal customers. After that, löwen frankfurt live stream saves money, through reduced hospital costs, keeping people in the work force and so on, Dr.

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